The name “lanolin” is derived from the Latin for “wool oil” (lana oleum). Lanolin has been designed by nature, and perfected over millions of years of evolution, to protect the skin and hair of sheep from the ravages of climate (from Australian summer heat to the wet British winter). Lanolin has an evolutionary advantage (about 70 million years) over most other skin product ingredients. Lana Lanolin is a highly refined medical grade lanolin (EP). Lanolin possesses a number of physical and chemical similarities to the lipids of the human skin. Lanolin penetrates the epidermis as far as stratum granulosum and acts as an in vivo moisture reservoir maintaining the hydration of the skin. Lanolin creates a semi-permeable film, which is important in restoration of barrier function and in wound healing. Lanolin, possesses a number of physical and chemical similarities to the lipids in the human skin. Lanolin can be absorbed into the intercellular spaces of the skin, where it is able to help repair barrier function and increase skin moisturisation.

Natural lanolin in the organic wool effectively cleanses away bacteria and removes any odors. The lanolin in the wool cleanses away the bacteria as the wool dries. It nourishes the human skin gently. Moreover natural lanolin in the wool makes it naturally resistant to dust mites and mold. Moreover, wool has the ability to quickly absorb and release moisture and thus does not allow the damp conditions that dust-mites thrive in. Dust mites do not thrive in wool due to microscopic bristles on the wool fibers.

LANACare is using exceptionally hypoallergenic lanolin in the lanolin products.