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Dr.Panczel‘s Postoperative Pads is the unique result of a fruitfull cooperation between Dr.Georg Panczel, head of section of plastic surgery at Østfold Hospital Norway, and Jeannette Almstrøm, CEO of LANACare. The purpose was to develop a unique pad that would make the post operational phase for the breast patient optimal in healing as well as comfort. The pads quality is to maintain normal body temperature in the breasts and to prevent hypothermia which can lead to decreased circulation in the Breast skin. Essential features of the wool such as light warmth and breathability naturally contribute to optimising healing process, making it quicker and smoother. Dr.Panczel’s Postoperative Pads have been presented to and evaluated by Irene Wapnir MD, Chief of Breast Surgery Stanford Cancer Institute (see Information section) .

Dr.Panczel’s Postoperative Pads are made in organic merino wool. We only use chemically untreated and clean wool. Our wool is incredibly fine and soft, causing no irritation to the skin, therefore can be used even directly to the skin.

The pads should be used as a warming top-bandage during direct post-operative period or even after – as an additional layer of warmth in the bra. Many women continue to use these pads long after the operation. Low temperature can give an unpleasant effect on the operation scar. These pads will give the warmth and softness to reduce this uncomfort.

The distinct qualities of the pads are:

  • Giving warmth and comfort without overheating.
  • Optimal healing confitions
  • Incredibly soft merino wool

The distinct qualities of wool are:

  • Regulating body temperature
  • Giving warmth without overheating
  • Natural wool warmth promotes blood circulation
  • Wool retains warmth when wet
  • Wool has antibacterial properties.

Instructions for use: Put the pad over the bandaged area.
Material: 100% organic incredibly soft merino wool.
Wash as follow: Gentle hand wash in 30 degrees warm water. Use baby shampoo it is the most gentle detergent for wool. Rinse in 30 Degrees as well. Press the excess water out in a towel. Let the pads dry over a mild heat source.

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