Nursing pad


· 100% pure organic merino wool
· KBT, IVN, GOTS certificates
· Handwash 30 degrees .

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LANACare woolen nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breast-feeding. They are incredibly soft and gentle due to special patented processing method. They keep breasts warm and protected against cold or wind. Recommended to use all year round. Natural warmth of the wool stimulates circulation and provids soothing relief throughout breastfeeding. Wool absorb moist without feeling wet, and keep the breast warm. LANACare nursing pads contain natural lanolin, perfectly soothing sore nipples and detain bacteria. It is recommended to use a size that covers the whole breast.
“Guidelines in sizes:
MINI (9 cm-3½ in.) Recommended most often as additional inner layer for heavy leaking.
X-SMALL ( 12cm-5 in.) A or B cup
SMALL (15 cm-6 in.)Will give full coverage, yet fit inside most bras.
MED (18 cm-7 in.)- D or larger
LARGE (22 cm-9 in.)
OVAL – teardrop shape18x27 cm-7×11 in. intended for women with repetitive plugged ducts in area of armpit.”

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